Soon to Rise: Canteen Building

To provide better service and commitment, HRC administration began the renovation and expansion of the canteen. The construction of the new three-storey canteen building started last month and to be completed this coming school year. Aside from a fresh and trendy canteen in the ground level, the new building will also house seven (7) classrooms, 3 on the second floor and 4 on the third floor, and a boys and girls comfort room on the middle floor.

Speaking of renovation and expansion, there is work being done in the SpEd garden as a vast volume of good soil is placed on the entire area.

Lastly, the highschool computer laboratory is being transferred to a larger and brighter room, as the old one will house TESDA's CHS Assessement Workshop.

These changes, from a patch of soil to a whole new building, will definitely give our students a happier and thrilling experience this coming school year.