AQP 2018: Ruby Red Retro

Rosarians got their first break from the norm last June 29 for the annual acquaintance party. Themed "Ruby Red Retro", which is befitting for this year's 40th founding anniversary, students had the entire night to mingle with new acquaintances and old friends. In red, in retro, or both, everyone partied hard just like they grind the same on lessons, tests, written works and performance tasks.


The night was not only for the dance floor. Classroom and club officers took their oath to office with Tr. Mylene on the lead. 


Awards were given to the best dressed couple who might have ransacked their grandparents' treasure chests to look authentic in their retro outfit.

The Aldaya siblings, although new, belted a tune to the delight of everyone.

The trio of Iole Bartolazo, Azzel Vivo, and AA Quinoñes made the occasion lighthearted and fun.

This year's party was organized by the Supreme Student Government.