Data Privacy Policy

Holy Rosary College Of Santa Rosa Laguna, Inc. (HRC) values the privacy of its students, parents and employees and is committed to protect the personal data that they have shared with the school. It is the policy of HRC to uphold data privacy rights, and ensure that all data collected from students, their parents or guardians, employees and other third parties, are processed pursuant to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality as backed by the Republic Act No. 10173, otherwise known as the “Data Privacy Act of 2012” (DPA), its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and other relevant policies and issuances of the National Privacy Commission.

All employees, students and administrative officers are enjoined to comply with and to share in the responsibility to secure and protect Personal Information collected and processed by HRC in pursuit of legitimate purposes.

General Privacy Policy Statements

  1. HRC adheres to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality in the collection, processing, securing, retention and disposal of Personal Information.
  2. The students, parents, guardians, employees or third parties whose Personal Information is being collected shall be considered as Data Subjects for purposes of these policies.
  3. Data Subjects shall be informed the reason or purpose of collecting and processing of personal data.
  4. The Data Subjects shall have the right to correct the information especially in cases of erroneous or outdated data, and to object to collection of Personal Information within the bounds allowed by privacy and education laws.
  5. The Data Subject has the right to file a complaint in case of breach or unauthorized access of his Personal Information.
  6. HRC shall secure the Personal Information of students, parents, guardians, employees and third parties from whom Personal Information is collected and shall take adequate measures to secure both physical and digital copies of the information.
  7. HRC shall ensure that Personal Information is collected and processed only by authorized personnel for legitimate purposes.
  8. Any information that is declared obsolete based on the internal privacy and retention procedures of HRC shall be disposed of in a secure and legal manner.
  9. Any suspected or actual breach of the HRC Data Privacy Policy must be reported to the Data Privacy Officer in accordance with the procedure provided in this policy.
  10. Data Subjects may inquire or request for information from the Data Privacy Officer regarding any matter relating to the processing of their personal data under the custody of HRC, including the data privacy and security policies implemented to ensure the protection of their personal data.

This policy applies to all departments of HRC, employees regardless of type, students, officers and third parties (applicants for admission or employment and former students or alumni) whose information are required to be kept and secured by HRC. The data covered by this policy is limited to Personal Information as defined under Section III, collected and processed by HRC.

This Data Privacy Policy is reviewed annually and regularly updated.